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You are a freelance photo/ videographer, making 1 – 5000€ per month and want to finally take it to the next level. 

▶ You constantly live in uncertainty, not knowing where your next client is going to come from.

▶ You want to work with bigger clients on more meaningful projects.

▶ You feel undervalued, not charging high enough prices or can’t stand out from the competition

▶ You’re lacking the overall structure and direction to turn your freelancing career into a real sustainable business.

▶ You want to get even better on the creative side and produce photos and videos that leave the viewer mind-blown. 

You have a high-paid job, yet you’re losing motivation and can’t see yourself working there for the rest of your life.

You feel your passion is in photography or video. Maybe you bought your first camera and started shooting.

But now you have no idea how to turn your passion into a full-time
and create your freedom lifestyle.

Who do we help?

HOBBY PHOTO/videographers

Turn your passion and hobby for photography or filmmaking into a side income, or even a full-time income.


Go from overlooked to overbooked. From occasional or low-paying projects to consistent, well-paid shoots.


Experienced professionals looking to scale their business, build systems, hire team members and achieve consistent 5-figure months.

Can we help YOU ?
Let’s find out.


Results speak for themselves.

curious to learn more? Let's talk!

As we receive a high number of applications, we only want to work with serious,
committed guys who are ready to take it to the next level.

Your passion for photography or videography and willingness to succeed
has to be stronger than your excuses.

If you can relate to that, the call is the right thing for you and it might as well change your life.


Make the most of your time, as well as ours.

Step 1

Book your free call by telling us a few basic things about you and your current situation.

Step 2

Someone from our team will call you to get to know you a bit better and ask a couple of questions.

Step 3

On the strategy call, we develop an effective step by step plan based on your current situation that will get you started and help you get closer to your goals.

Really enjoyed every single bit of advice given by Michael and it indeed made a difference in how I approach my work and the results I now get more consistently. You’ll never lose what you learn here!
F. Normand
I didn’t buy into coaching until I worked with Michal. Just having an expert analyze your business and skills will definitely take you to the next level.
APPLY what he says, and give it a shot. You are who you surround yourself with, and you want to learn from high-level thinkers.
D. Nicoletti
I’ve been working with Michal for over 3 months and he taught me A LOT about photography and cinematography.
Now my workflow is 5x more efficient and what I am delivering to my clients is on a whole new level, as well as the prices that I am charging.
P. Miklic
application requirements

This might not be for you.

We do this is to help photographers and filmmakers achieve extraordinary results, uncover their full potential and live life on their own terms.  

Not everybody is ready for this. 

Over 70% of people who apply to join the mentoring get rejected.

We look at your general mindset, positivity, level of commitment and willingness to succeed.
We are searching for the most motivated people who truly want to become the best version of themselves, reach far above average and are ready to invest hard work, time and money into their success. 


Some say the Videopreneur Mentoring is the magic pill for photographers and videographers. 
While we do agree it is the most powerful and comprehensive coaching program on the planet, it’s far from a magic pill.
Nothing works unless you do. 

It takes time, commitment and effort to be successful. Having a personal mentor to guide you based on a proven system just makes it A LOT easier.
Saving you time, stress, effort and money in the process.

It’s like going into a labyrinth with a map in your hand, with the right path leading to the other end laid out for you.
You don’t have to figure out anything yourself. Just follow the plan.
But you still need to walk yourself.

More and more marketers and ‘internet gurus’ promise you unrealistic results and try to sell you worthless information.
We’re simply showing you what has worked for me based on years of experience and the knowledge of my mentors.
And what now works for our clients all over the world to achieve exceptional results, be successful and live happier lives. 


who is michal sestak?

Videographer, Entrepreneur, Mentor.

Starting from 0 as a shy, introverted, broke teenager with passion for art and photography, it took him 1.5 years to start getting real clients and make money with photography and video. No matter how hard he tried or how long he worked, the progress just wasn’t there. Unwilling to give up, he had the opportunity to work closely with a mentor. Investing his last money, he took the leap. 

Building his confidence, presentation and communication skills alongside having a clear structure and guidance helped him finally start landing bigger projects, go from 50€ to 5000 projects and become an established professional videographer by the age of 23. 

After getting kicked out of film school, he travelled the world as a content creator working with big international companies and influencers, getting a glimpse of the real freedom lifestyle most filmmakers dream about. 

Motivated by all these events, in 2018 he started the Videopreneur Mentoring – a personal coaching program for photographers and filmmakers. Helping other guys just like him to overcome their challenges and reach their goals.

Building a 6-figure business in less than 2 years also taught him even more about business, marketing and sales. Now he’s working full-time as a mentor, consultant for creative agencies and a high-end filmmaker on selected projects.

No matter where you are on your journey as a photographer or filmmaker, Michael knows the exact steps you need to take to get to the next level.


This is how we guide you to results.


Before you can work on anything, you need to work on yourself. You'll learn how to reach high levels of confidence, communicate effectively, know your value and position yourself as an expert. Find your purpose, overcome insecurities and set a clear path to success.


You will get a proven step-by-step structure that will guarantee your success. Faster than you'd ever thought was possible.


Information itself is not the result. The result is what happens when you apply and take action on that information.
We will keep you accountable, make you execute and take action step by step, until you reach your goals.



– create photos and videos on the highest level
– be more productive and efficient
– increase your confidence
– develop a perfect structure
– know exactly where and how to approach high-paying clients 
– work on bigger projects
 – present yourself as a professional
– create a powerful brand
 – travel the world 
– grow up your business beyond 10k € / month.

Please note:
You have to apply right now. This is not a lifetime offer. 
We can only work closely with a limited number of people. If you’re thinking about applying, do it now.

We are looking forward to talking with you soon!



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